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Immunosciences Men Multi Vitamins with Panax Ginseng

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Unlock Your Peak Performance  

Discover a potent blend of essential vitamins and minerals crafted to improve men's health to new heights. Immuno Sciences Men's Multi-Vitamins with Panax Ginseng Extract is the ultimate companion for those seeking enhanced energy, stamina, and overall well-being 


Fuel Your Day with Enhanced Energy and Stamina 

Our multivitamin formula is designed to help improve energy and stamina levels, providing the vitality you need to conquer each day. The inclusion of Panax Ginseng extract further supports sustained energy, keeping you at your best from sunrise to sunset..  

✅Helps improve energy and stamina levels 

✅Helps to fulfill micronutrient requirement 

✅Helps to support metabolic processes 


Key Ingredients 

  • Vitamin C  
  • Niacin  
  • Vitamin E  
  • Vitamin B2  
  • Vitamin B12  
  • Vitamin B1 
  • Beta carotene 
  • Folic acid  
  • Biotin  
  • Vitamin D  

How does it help? 


All-In-One Solution for Men's Health 

Immuno Sciences Multivitamin is an all-in-one solution to boost men's health. It fulfills micronutrient requirements, enhances energy, and supports metabolic processes. This single tablet is a powerhouse of essential nutrients for a stronger, healthier, and energized body. 


Overall Health Benefits 

Formulated to boost natural energy, support cardiovascular health, and provide overall well-being. Our multivitamin includes vitamins, minerals, and organic whole foods to keep your body functioning at its best. 


Get a Stronger, Healthier & Energized Body 

Our Multivitamin for Men features a Super Antioxidant & Vitality Blend that provides the extra energy needed to stay active throughout the day. Feel the strength and vitality that comes from a well-nourished body.  

  • Shield against common ailments 
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals 
  • Promoting long-term health benefits 
  • Contains essential Minerals 
  • All in one Men’s solution 


Who can use it? 

  • Men Above 25 years of age. 
  • People constantly struggling with immunity issues. 
  • Individuals are willing to try to energise their life. 
  • Individuals suffering from Vitamin deficiency. 


How to use it? 

Take 1 tablet daily with a glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional. Elevate your health and well-being with Immuno Sciences Men's Multi-Vitamins with Panax Ginseng Extract.  


What Makes It Special 

  • Assurance of quality and safety 
  • Contains essential minerals and vitamins 
  • Made from 100% vegetarian components 
  • Formulated with your health in mind. 


See Visible Results in 3 Months 


After one month 

  • Experience a noticeable increase in energy and stamina. 
  • Begin to fulfil micronutrient requirements for improved overall health. 
  • Witness a subtle boost in metabolic processes. 

After two months 

  • Enjoy enhanced energy levels that sustain throughout the day. 
  • Feel the positive impact on cardiovascular functions. 
  • Notice improvements in overall vitality and well-being. 

After three months 

  • Achieve a stronger, healthier, and more energized body. 
  • Benefit from the antioxidant-rich formula for improved immune support. 
  • Maintain consistent metabolic processes, promoting optimal performance. 

    Immunosciences Men Multi Vitamins with Panax Ginseng

    Rs. 774.00 Regular price Rs. 860.00

    How is Immuno Sciences Men's Multi-Vitamins different from other brands?

    Our formula stands out with a potent blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and Panax Ginseng Extract for maximum efficacy. We prioritize quality and effectiveness without compromising on taste or unnecessary additives.

    When can I expect to see results after starting the multivitamin?

    While individual responses may vary, many users report subtle improvements within the first month. For comprehensive changes in energy, stamina, and overall health, we recommend consistent use for at least three months.

    Are there any side effects associated with this multivitamin?

    Side effects are rare, but some individuals may experience mild digestive symptoms initially. If you have concerns or pre-existing conditions, it's advisable to consult with your healthcare professional.

    Can I take this if I have a specific health condition, such as a weak liver?

    Yes, our multivitamin is formulated to support overall health, including liver function. However, if you have specific health concerns or are under medical supervision, consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

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